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Myprotein follows its vitamin D3 spray with a similar vitamin B12 product

myprotein vitamin b12 spray

Almost one month ago, the UK-based supplement giant Myprotein introduced a standalone, vitamin D3 supplement, although it didn’t come in traditional capsule or tablet format. The brand’s new release for June was a Lime-flavored sprayable vitamin D3 product, that you would simply take the top off and spray into your mouth for a dosage of 25mcg of the sunshine vitamin.

Myprotein has now done the same thing again; however, this time, it is based around a separate vitamin. The brand’s newest sprayable product features vitamin B12, and instead of Lime, the flavor is a very different kind of fruity experience with Apricot. The amount you get in a four-spray serving of the supplement is 1,200mcg of vitamin B12, with 40 to 47 servings a bottle.

Myprotein’s Vitamin B12 Spray is now available through its international online store at, where you can pick it up for £10.99 (13.73 USD) a bottle.

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