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Naughty Boy goes with a stim-free formula for its upcoming nootropic product

naughty boy wiseguy

WiseGuy is one of the supplements coming very soon from the UK brand Naughty Boy, who has been quite impressive this year going from release to release and was even picked up by the major distributor Prometeus. As we move into August, when Naughty Boy is expected to drop a lot of new products, it has now shared the formula that will be powering its nootropic competitor, WiseGuy.

Naughty Boy created WiseGuy to enhance mental focus and cognition, as well as support general brain function and health. The lifestyle brand has taken the approach that we prefer, and that is not putting any stimulants in WiseGuy. It is caffeine-free, giving you the ability to take it at night and not worry about the eye-opening energy, or mix it with your preferred amount of stimulants when needed.

The full formula behind Naughty Boy’s WiseGuy includes common nootropic ingredients such as 300mg each of phosphatidylserine and bacopa, and 600mg each of lion’s mane and premium KSM-66 ashwagandha. There is also 600mg of what the brand is calling CholineSynergy, which is a blend of CDP choline and alpha-GPC.

naughty boy wiseguy

Alongside all of those ingredients above are five more features with a gram each of pomegranate and Creatine MagnaPower, 100mg of coQ10, and 50mg of quercetin. Rounding out the WiseGuy formula is 10mg of BioPerine to help with the absorption. As mentioned, everything rolls together for a comprehensive experience of focus, cognition, and brain health, and it comes in flavored powder form.

Naughty Boy will be hitting the market with three flavors of WiseGuy, all creatively named, as we’ve seen several times from the brand with Cutty Soda, Teflon Tea, and Candy Capone. Each of those flavors actually has a classic gangster reference, for example, Teflon Tea is a nod to mob boss John Gotti’s nickname, Teflon Don.