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Nutrabio drops one last teaser for its series of limited 4th Of July products

nutrabio freedom cake muscle matrix

Tomorrow is the big day Nutrabio plans to unveil what looks to be three limited-edition flavors for one or more of its protein powders. To add to the excitement, the brand has shared one last teaser video which, if you watch carefully, you can see one of the flavors. It appears to be a delicious red, white and blue colored cake type taste with the first part of its name being ‘Freedom’.

We’re not sure what the rest of the word or words are in the name of Nutrabio’s Freedom cake flavor, but it is clear what supplement is getting it. It is the brand’s blend-style protein powder Muscle Matrix, which is due to get the patriotic Freedom flavor. The product will also feature an alternative label design, with no clear look at that, although it said to be very different.

As mentioned, tomorrow is the big day Nutrabio plans to reveal and release its three limited-edition flavors, at least one of which we know for sure is for Muscle Matrix.