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Nutrabio’s respiratory support supplement resurfaces under the name ‘Lungs’

nutrabio lungs

‘Breathe’ was a supplement previewed by Nutrabio back in April and formulated with the premium immunobiotic Immuno LP-20 to support lung and respiratory health. That product was not the finalized version, and has since evolved into a supplement called ‘Lungs’, that aims to provide the same list of benefits and ingredients, but obviously under a different name.

Nutrabio’s Lungs is still a dedicated respiratory product like the originally planned ‘Breathe’, including the immunobiotic Immuno LP-20 at 50mg per serving. The rest of the supplement’s serving packs 600mg of n-acetyl-l-cysteine, half a gram of quercetin, 200mg each of boswellia and ivy extract, 100mg of coleus, and lastly, 300mg of thyme extract, all in a three-capsule serving.

nutrabio lungs

Nutrabio is looking to launch Lungs at the end of next week on Friday the 17th and is due to be followed by more general health-focused products. Lungs is actually the second supplement in the brand’s Wellness Series, with the previously released ‘Immune’ being the first. Those two will soon be joined by more entries in the line, including kidney, liver, vision, and heart health products.