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Nutritox turns its joint support supplement into a more advanced solution

nutritox joint renew

This month, MAN Sports’ health and wellness brand Nutritox, has decided to revamp its joint support supplement, Joint Renew, giving it a slightly different look and a fresh new formula. The latter is the more significant change, as Nutritox hasn’t just altered the dosages of its ingredients, but updated the product entirely, moving from a traditional set of ingredients to something more advanced.

Nutritox’s reformulated Joint Renew aims to support joint discomfort, protection, and overall joint health. As mentioned, it is the formula that’s changed the most for the supplement, which you can see in full in the image below. Where the original has a common mix of MSM, chondroitin, and glucosamine, this Joint Renew comes with cissus quadrangularis, type II collagen, hyaluronic acid.

nutritox joint renew

Nutritox has essentially turned Joint Renew into a more premium joint health supplement. Directly from the brand either through its online store or MAN Sports, the refreshed Joint Renew will cost you $44.99 for a bottle of 30 full servings. On MAN’s website, the clearance deal for Whimps and Rose Champagne ISO-Amino is also still running where you can get five tubs in a mix of those flavors at $25.

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