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Olimp also releases its focus-based pre-workout in energy shot format

olimp r weiler focus shot

It was yesterday that we posted about Olimp’s new focus-based spin-off of its pre-workout supplement Redweiler with R-Weiler Focus. It turns out; the Polish brand has actually launched the product in two separate formats. There is the regular R-Weiler Focus we shared yesterday; then there is the premixed and compact R-Weiler Focus Shot to have on-the-go.

Despite coming packaged in a small 60ml bottle, Olimp has managed to squeeze quite a few ingredients and reasonable dosages into its shot version of R-Weiler Focus. The purpose of the supplement is much the same as the regular powder, which features a formula to increase and enhance energy performance but most of all, improve mental focus and cognition.

Olimp’s R-Weiler Focus Shot has some similarities as well as higher dosages of ingredients compared to the powder. There are light amounts of pure citrulline and acetyl-l-carnitine at 2.4g and 200mg, respectively, 200mg of grape seed, a gram of acetyl-l-tyrosine for focus, sage extract, 400mg of theanine, and lastly, caffeine with 50mg more than the powder at 200mg.

As mentioned, the R-Weiler Focus Shot has the same goals in mind as the powder version, but with that marginally different formula and it comes in an on-the-go shot. In terms of taste, Olimp has released it in just the one option, and it is quite a unique effort with Fruit and Mint.