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Olympus Labs officially releases its first new supplement since its return

olympus labs kings blood

The first new supplement since the reputable Olympus Labs announced its return to the market in February, has arrived this week, with an updated version of its testosterone booster Kings Blood. The product features a very different combination of ingredients next to the original, with a much lower total of active ingredients at about 2.6g compared to just shy of 6g in a ten-capsule serving.

Olympus Labs’ revamped Kings Blood aims to be a powerful muscle building supplement formulated to boost testosterone, enhance body composition, support cortisol, improve vitality and virility, and elevate performance. As mentioned, the ingredients to support those benefits are different from the original Kings Blood, although there are still plenty of well-dosed features in the mix.

olympus labs kings blood

You can get a look at the complete combination of ingredients Olympus Labs has brought together for the 2020 edition of its testosterone booster, in the image above. The brand has kept premium KSM-66 ashwagandha on board at the same 600mg in each full serving with other big features being half a gram of fenugreek and a gram of horny goat weed with a 10% icarrin standardization.

The place to go to get your hands on the returning Olympus Labs’ revamped version of Kings Blood is its retail partner Strong Supplement Shop. The store is expected to start stocking the muscle building product sometime today, where it’ll have a price of $59.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, which is cheaper by $10 compared to the first Kings Blood introduced back in October of 2016.