Olympus Labs returns as a completely separate brand to Olympus Lyfestyle

olympus labs returns

Last year Olympus Labs relaunched itself as a lifestyle brand with a new family of supplements and a new name in Olympus Lyfestyle. It was a big shift for the reputable and long-running company, especially since it was quite a different direction; however, for those that miss the original Olympus Labs, the brand has some exciting news.

It has been announced that Olympus Labs has officially returned to the industry, although this is not Olympus Lyfestyle reverting back or anything like that. The resurrected Olympus Labs is going to run separate from the Lyfestyle spin-off, and is starting back with a number of the products line and a strong focus on innovation.

The renewed Olympus Labs has also confirmed that a lot of new releases are coming down the pipeline, including TUDCA with a fresh new look, and a reformulated version of its PCT King’s Blood. Those two supplements will be followed by even more releases with entirely new families of products for weight loss and muscle building.

Much like how Olympus Lyfestyle is exclusive to Bodybuilding.com, the returning Olympus Labs is also exclusive but to a different online store in Strong Supplement Shop. You can head there now to grab several of the brand’s original products, with the Olympus Labs’ website being the only other place you can get them.

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