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Foundation Series MyoWhey is getting a new size, another flavor and a bigger serving

purus labs revamps myowhey size flavor protein

It was just over two years ago that Purus Labs introduced its Foundation Series protein powder MyoWhey in two flavors, with Chocolate Cookie Crunch and Homemade Vanilla Wafer. This week, the long-running and reliable brand has announced some interesting updates and tweaks to the supplement involving size options, a flavor extension, and its nutrition profile.

The first part of Purus Labs’ revamped MyoWhey is the nutrition profile, as the brand is increasing the serving size of the product, so you get the more common 25g of protein per serving instead of the original’s 22g. The other updates are the introduction of a second but smaller size with a 2lb to go with the already available 5lb, and another flavor in Chocolate Peanut Butter.

All three of Purus Labs’ MyoWhey flavors will be available for both of its tub sizes, including the new 2lb, and while they are not out just yet, they are expected to be launching soon.