Remix from debuts with authentic Twinkies and CupCakes proteins

Jul 29th, 2020
remix nutrition twinkies protein powder

Remix Nutrition is an all-new supplement company from the online retailer, who has hit the market today with a protein powder, although it is not just any protein. Remix Nutrition’s first product is ‘Premium Protein Blend’, featuring a blend of five different types of protein, providing 24g of protein per serving, however that is not what makes it so special.

Where Remix Nutrition’s Premium Protein Blend sets itself apart from the competition is in the flavor department. The brand has teamed up with the legendary bakery company Hostess Brands for authentic, iconic food flavors. The supplement has hit the market in two tastes to start with Twinkies and Chocolate CupCakes. Despite how delicious they sound, they all have that 24g of protein, just 3g of fat, 5g of carbohydrates, a gram of sugar, and 140 calories.

To add to the excitement of Remix Nutrition’s debut and its Twinkies and Chocolate CupCakes protein powders, the brand has said more collaborations with Hostess are in the works. The company does, of course, have quite the list of notable snacks and treats, including Ding Dongs, Sno Balls, and even Donettes, so there are plenty of ways Remix Nutrition could go, and they all sound exciting.

You can purchase Remix Nutrition’s Premium Protein Blend starting today through, and the price is very reasonable. A 2lb tub of the protein powder is $29.99 for either of its Hostess flavors, Twinkies or Chocolate CupCakes. also has a deal on at the moment where if you spend over $40 you get $5 off, which would drop two tubs to $27.49 each.