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Strong and Pink Essentials get two special edition flavors each for summer

rocka nutrition summer limited edition strong and pink essentials

The lifestyle German brand Rocka Nutrition, who took home last year’s Best Booth Award at FIBO, has revealed and released four summer edition flavors, two each for two separate supplements. The lucky products from the brand getting the flavors that are only going to be available for a limited time are, Rocka’s creatine-based muscle builder ‘Strong‘, and its vitamin and mineral formula Pink Essentials.

The refreshing new, summer-themed flavors for Rocka Nutrition’s creatine supplement Strong are the sweet and tangy sounding Kiwi Lime Sorbet and the candy-like Strawberry Apple Drops. As for Rocka Nutrition’s special edition flavors for Pink Essentials, they’re equally refreshing and cocktail-inspired with Strawberry Daiquiri and the classic combination of rum, cream, and coconut in Pina Colada.

All of Rocka Nutrition’s limited edition products are now available for purchase through its website for the same price as regular tubs of Strong and Pink Essentials. Full-sizes of any of the summer type tastes will cost you €29.99 (34.36 USD), and if you’re interested, you’ill want to move fast, as the German brand does tend to sell out very quickly when it comes to limited time launches.