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Fully transparent, blend-style protein powder coming next week from Rule One

rule one r1 pro6 protein

Rule One Proteins already has an extensive line of protein powders, which is not too surprising considering its right in its name. The brand covers almost all areas of protein with a gainer, plant protein, traditional whey, casein, and even a keto-friendly meal replacement. Next week Rule One is dropping an all-new protein supplement that does have a point of difference compared to its many others.

R1 Pro6 Protein is the brand’s newest product for the saturated protein powder market, which separates itself from Rule One’s other supplements by featuring a wider variety of sources. Pro6 Protein actually gets its name from the fact that it comes with six different sources of protein to provide its 25g of protein per serving, with fast, moderate, and slow-release types of protein.

Rule One Proteins isn’t revealing what the protein sources in R1 Pro6 Protein are just yet, only that there are six. The brand has also confirmed a new feature that you won’t find in its other blend-style protein powders. Pro6 Protein is going to have a fully transparent label, so you’ll know exactly how much of each of its six different sources contribute to that 25g of protein per serving.

R1 Pro6 Protein is due to be available for purchase directly from Rule One Proteins and its online store on the 6th of this month, which is just four days away on Monday.