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RYSE is putting popping candy into its special edition flavor for the 4th Of July

ryse freedom rocks core pre-workout

Dropping later this week in time for the 4th Of July, is a creative new flavor for RYSE’s original Core Pre-Workout, although it is not going to be anything like its other flavors. The product that has been put together specifically for the occasion is a Freedom Rocks flavor of the brand’s Core Pre-Workout, which is infused with PFHIX effervescent crystal delivery technology.

While PFHIX may not sound familiar, there is a good chance you’ve already come across it if you’re a follower of the gaming supplement leader G Fuel. Back in 2018, we were introduced to the energy infused popping candy, G Fuel Energy Crystals. That product actually uses PFHIX crystals, as they are the reason it can provide that nostalgic popping candy experience.

As mentioned, RYSE’s Freedom Rocks Core Pre-Workout is going to feature that same PFHIX technology, so by the sounds of things, we’re in for a popping candy sprinkled pre-workout. While we did see G Fuel put the effervescent crystal technology to good use, RYSE’s special edition flavor would be the first time we’ve seen it in a more traditional sports supplement.

Freedom Rocks Core Pre-Workout is due to go live on the official RYSE online store this Friday, a day out from the 4th Of July, and you will want to move quickly. The brand has only put together 1,000 units of the special edition product, which will also have an additional five full servings compared to the regular flavors of the pre-workout.