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RYSE’s popping candy flavor Freedom Rocks launches with a strong 30% off

ryse freedom rocks core pre workout

RYSE has launched the limited-edition flavor of its Core Pre-Workout for the 4th Of July, which is the product we posted about just yesterday with Freedom Rocks. The release is more than another taste to enjoy, as the brand has creatively infused it with popping caffeinated crystals, like G Fuel’s original Energy Crystals, to create a truly unique, popping candy-like flavor experience.

RYSE has only put together 1,000 units of its special edition Freedom Rocks Core Pre-Workout, so while it is still in stock, you’ll want to get in sooner rather than later. You can purchase the lifestyle brand’s unique popping candy flavor through its website, where it costs the same as regular flavor of the pre-workout, despite coming with 25% more servings with a total of 25.

The exact price on the Freedom Rocks Core Pre-Workout is $49.99, however, like many others, RYSE is running a deal in celebration of the 4th Of July. The promotion the brand has going on gets you a hefty 30% off using the code ‘FREEDOM’, which takes the pre-workout all the way down to $34.99.