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Self Omninutrition drops a simpler creatine with only creatine monohydrate

self omninutrition real creatine

Self Omninutrition is a popular supplement company from Europe that covers more categories than most brands. Its variety includes basic, single-ingredient products, more advanced categories such as pre-workout, and the functional space with a high protein crepe mix. More recently, Self Omninutrition has welcomed a creatine to its lineup, which is something it did already have available.

The newest creatine supplement from Self Omninutrition is called ‘Real Creatine’, and unlike its one other creatine product on the market, this one is very simple. Real Creatine is a straightforward tub of unflavored creatine monohydrate to support strength, performance, and power. There is absolutely nothing else in the supplement; only creatine monohydrate dosed at 3g per serving.

Self Omninutrition has released Real Creatine in two tub sizes with a 250g, which gets you 83 servings at 3g each, or 50 at the common 5g dose. The other, more cost-effective size, is a double 500g tub with 166 servings at that directed 3g dose or 100 with the studied 5g.