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Viking Waffles turns its original protein waffle into a unique pizza base

viking protein pizza waffles

Viking Waffles is a functional company that, as you can guess by its name, is all about healthy, high protein waffles. Its original waffle product packs a protein bar like 21g of protein with 10g of fat, 21g of carbohydrates with only 2g of that sugar, for a total of 200 calories. Today, the brand has introduced a new type of protein waffle with an equally well-balanced nutrition profile but a slightly different purpose.

Now available from Viking Waffles are Pizza Protein Waffles, intended to be used as you would a traditional pizza base. Being from the brand that it is, the product does, of course, have a lot more protein than your typical pizza base with a hefty 29g per 90g base. The carbohydrates are actually quite low compared to Viking’s original waffle at 9g with 4g of that sugar, alongside 13g of fat and a calorie count of 260.

Viking Waffle’s new Pizza Protein Waffles is an extremely limited product with the only way you can get being by pre-order. You can secure yourself how ever many waffle-style pizza bases you want through the functional brand’s website with several purchase options available. There is a pack of five at $6.40 per base, a pack of ten at $5.90, a pack of ten at a less cost-effective $5.95 each, then a case of 25 for $5.95.

You have until Monday of next week to get your pre-orders in at, with the brand only planning to make 1,000 Pizza Protein Waffles.

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