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Ambrosia powers its super MCT formula Fuerte with premium C8Vantage

ambrosia fuerte

The Ambrosia Collective’s ‘Super MCT’ supplement Fuerte has hit the market today, and with it has come details on what separates it from other MCT products on the market. MCT oil is the main feature of Fuerte, so the supplement is essentially an MCT powder of sorts, but what makes it a Super MCT formula is the type of MCT oil the brand has packed into the product.

Ambrosia’s Fuerte is powered by premium C8Vantage MCT oil, which is different from what you’ll find in most MCT supplements. C8Vantage is an MCT oil that goes through a process to remove C10 and C12 fatty acids, leaving you with mostly C8. This is important as C8 is known as the more effective fatty acid in MCT oil, providing stronger benefits, including better ketone production.

As mentioned, C8Vange is the main ingredient in Ambrosia Fuerte, dosed at a solid 5g in each of its 60 servings per tub. The product comes in unflavored powder form, making it easy to stack with other supplements like protein powders and meal replacements, as well as throw into smoothies. Fuerte is available through the Ambrosia website, where a full-size tub will cost you $32.99