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Four flavors confirmed for Applied’s pre-workout style ABE energy drink

applied nutrition abe drink flavors

At this year’s Stack3d Pro Expo, Applied Nutrition, who has been consistently pumping out releases since the start of the year, unveiled an all-new beverage version of its pre-workout All Black Everything or more simply ABE. The product is not going to feature a typical energy drink formula, but a more pre-workout type combination of ingredients including 2g each of citrulline and beta-alanine.

Applied Nutrition is now closer than ever to launching the on-the-go, carbonated product, and as a bit of an update, it has shared the flavors it is going to be available in. Previously we could only name one of its four in American Grape Soda. When the ABE energy drink eventually arrives, it is also going to be in Orange Burst, Fruity Candy, and Blue Lagoon, all guilt-free with zero sugar, fat, and calories.

We still don’t have an exact launch for Applied Nutrition’s ABE energy drink, but it is due to be out and available in the UK and Europe very soon with a price in the UK at least of £1.99 (2.60 USD).