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California Edition of Bio Tech’s Natty God gets added S7 and epicatechin

bio tech nutra natty god california edition

Bio Tech Nutra is releasing a special edition version of its popular muscle building supplement, Natty God, with Natty God California Edition. The product features a slightly different formula compared to the regular Natty God, but that’s not all. Fans are also only going to be able to purchase the California Edition of Natty God in a handful of locations.

The places you’ll be able to grab Bio Tech Nutra’s upcoming Natty God spin-off when it arrives late next month, are the retailers California Sports Nutrition and Mecca Nutrition, and directly from the brand’s online store. Bio Tech is also donating 5% of website sales from Natty God California Edition to support those affected by the wildfires currently burning in California.

bio tech nutra natty god california edition

You can see the formula behind Bio Tech Nutra’s alternative Natty God in the image above, which features all of the same ingredients and dosages as the original. In addition to all of those familiar ingredients, the brand has thrown in an extra 50mg of the S7 pump blend and 200mg of epicatechin to further support testosterone and increase muscle strength and size.