Upcoming Core Protein Balls promise to be a protein bar killer

Aug 12th, 2020
core protein balls protein bar killer

A protein snack or traditional protein bar has been in the talks with Core Nutritionals for quite some time, and it is now looking like the first functional product from the reputable brand is closer than ever. Based on what Core is saying, it seems the much talked about Core Protein Balls will be the brand’s first edible item to market and promise to be a unique protein treat.

Core Nutritionals is, in fact, referring to its upcoming protein-packed balls as a protein bar killer, regarding its nutrition profile, taste, and texture. The macros on the Core Protein Balls are going to be 20g of protein in five balls equivalent to a typical bar, so 4g of protein per ball. Alongside that will be 11 to 12g of fat, 25g of carbohydrates with 11 to 12g of that being sugar from honey.

Core Nutritionals will be making each flavor of its first-ever protein snack with Core protein powder. The full list of flavors for the product has yet to be shared, but we know of one of them with the chocolate loaded Double Chocolate Chunk. The Core Protein Balls still sound like they’re a while away from being done, but are becoming increasingly exciting with each update.