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FDN Deal Alert: Save big on Myprotein’s isolate and Layered Bar

fdn myprotein deals

The original fitness and supplement deal website Fitness Deal News, more simply known as FDN, is back this week with another couple of deals well worth getting in on. Both offers are for the popular international brand Myprotein, specifically for its US exclusive online store. There is a deal on one of the brand’s protein powders and another for its tasty protein snack, the Layered Bar.

The offers FDN has shared discount two 5.5lb bags of Myprotein’s more premium whey isolate protein powder Impact Whey Isolate from $79.99 down to $31.50 each for two. As for the sale on the brand’s Layered Bar, it is just as good as the one for Impact Whey Isolate, with $17.50 for a box of 12 instead of its usual $34.99, plus two free gifts, and both promotions come with free shipping.

For more information on the Impact Whey Isolate and Layered Bar sales including where to go and the coupon codes you’ll require, head to the links highlighted for details from the FDN website.