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Five new flavors introduced for RescueC’s flagship immune supplement

five new flavors of rescuec

RescueC is an immune health brand from the underground supplement company Black Market. RescueC is branded very differently from Black Market, with a colorful mix of orange and white, and as mentioned, it’s all about immune health as opposed to sports nutrition. Its one main product is designed to support and protect your immune system, and comes in a variety of formats.

Initially, RescueC only had the one Orange flavor available for its supplement, regardless of whether you grabbed it in traditional bulk tubs, or a bag or box of stick packs. The brand is now in the process of changing all of that, and not in a small way. Five more fruity flavors have been put together and introduced for RescueC’s product, and for all three of its formats; tub, bag, and box.

The new flavors joining RescueC’s original Orange are Raspberry, Mango, and various combinations of all three fruits with Mango Orange, Orange Raspberry, and Raspberry Mango. All five of those flavors are now available for 30 serving tubs of RescueC through the brand’s website, some for the boxes of 15 single-serve stick packs, but none for the larger bag of 20 stick packs.