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Black Magic’s multi-source protein gets its first real traditional flavor

french vanilla black magic protein

Late last year, Black Magic added a supplement to its lineup belonging to one of the most popular and competitive categories in the industry. That category was, of course, protein powder, which Black Magic decided to take on with a multi-source formula, also featuring added enzymes and MCTs. The product hit the market with four flavors to choose from, with none of those being traditional type tastes.

This week Black Magic is expanding its protein powder’s menu from four to five with the originals Chocolate PB Puffs, Mocha Mochi, Horchata, and Blueberry Muffins, now joined by French Vanilla. It is the brand’s first real common flavor for the supplement, and it is already in stock and available for purchase from the Black Magic website, where a 25 serving tub of the protein powder will cost you $44.99.