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Genius pre-workout Warcry is getting an on-the-go carbonated version

genius nutrition warcry energy drink

Warcry is the Romanian brand Genius Nutrition’s mainstream pre-workout, which was reformulated and relaunched last year with highlights such as 7g of citrulline malate, 1.4g of acetyl-l-tyrosine, and 300mg of caffeine. The company has now previewed a spin-off of that product, although it is not your typical alternative flavor or formula, but a completely different format.

Genius Nutrition is coming out with an on-the-go, carbonated version of its pre-workout with a Warcry energy drink. This is something we’ve only seen from a few brands, taking a pre-workout and turning it into a carbonated beverage, similar to Cellucor’s C4 and Beyond Raw’s Lit. The product will be clean with zero sugar, although we don’t know what kind of ingredients it’ll have.

All that Genius Nutrition has mentioned about its Warcry energy drink is that it’s coming, it will have at least one flavor which is cherry-themed, and it’ll be a pre-workout beverage. As mentioned, we don’t know any of the product’s ingredients, however, the fact the brand is still classing it as a pre-workout, suggests it is going to feature a full formula and not something simple.