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Next new product from Granite is going to be all about the pump

granite pump supplement

It’s been eight months since we got our last entirely new supplement from John Meadows’ brand Granite, with its first-ever protein powder simply named Granite Protein. Very soon, the brand is planning to introduce another new product that has yet to be named or previewed but has had a few major details that confirm it’s for an area of the market Granite has yet to touch.

From what we can tell, the next supplement from John Meadows and his brand is going to be a powder formula. The important details that have been shared are that the product maximizes nitric oxide and blood flow, and is all about the pump. Those statements flat out confirm we’re in for a pump enhancing pre-workout from Granite, although as always, the big question is, what’s in it.

Granite has been known to put together some well-rounded supplements, so we’re excited to see what John Meadows and his team have come up with for the increasingly competitive pump market. We’re not sure when the brand plans to drop the pump enhancing product, but we’ll definitely share the details when we have them.

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