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Boneafide puts together a limited flavor for its original pre-workout

grape bubblegum boneafide pre-workout

Now available for pre-order, directly from Boneafide Nutrition, through its website, is a limited-edition flavor of the brand’s stimulant pre-workout, simply named ‘Boneafide Pre-Workout’. We haven’t followed Boneafide long-enough to know if this is its first-ever limited flavor or product, although it has been labeled as a part of the ‘Limited Flavor’ family, suggesting there will be more to follow.

As for what the temporary flavor is exactly for Boneafide Nutrition’s long-running pre-workout, it is something we’ve seen before with a candy-like Grape Bubblegum. While the product does stand out due to its fresh new flavor, the brand has also given it an alternative label design, covering it in white instead of black. You can now pre-order the product on the Boneafide website with stock arriving this week.