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HI-Gear confirms its fifth supplement will be a multi-benefit amino

hi gear supplements intra-workout

Since hitting the market with its stimulant pre-workout Prepare, the still relatively new supplement company HI-Gear has strategically expanded its lineup into several other workout-based categories. The brand’s selection now includes the full-spectrum EAA Persevere, the creatine-based muscle builder Evolve, and the more recent, hybrid weight loss solution Overdrive.

Next month, which is just a few days away, HI-Gear is looking to expand its family of supplements with another entirely new product featuring a few similarities to Persevere. We don’t yet know the name of the supplement, although HI-Gear has confirmed it will come with all nine EAAs for recovery as well as ingredients to support hydration, immunity, and bone and heart health.

The upcoming HI-Gear creation is an all-in-one product of sorts, combining EAAs for muscle recovery and repair with a handful of other benefits you don’t typically see paired with an amino. As mentioned, the Hawaiian brand is planning to drop its multi-effect intra-workout supplement next month, with more details coming sometime between now and then.