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InnovaPharm adds in InnoSlim for its On Fire edition of Novalean

innovapharm novalean on fire

Novalean is InnovaPharm’s almost one-year-old, stimulant-free weight loss supplement formulated with a variety of fat burning ingredients such as GBB, coleus, two forms of carnitine, and grains of paradise. The brand also includes some ingredients to enhance and improve mental focus, making for a convenient, stackable fat loss product that delivers on multiple fronts.

InnovaPharm has now introduced a fresh new version of Novalean called Novalean On Fire, which features a similar, but noticeably different formula. The key differences with the brand’s On Fire edition of Novalean are that it includes the premium weight loss ingredient Innoslim at 250mg, and half a gram of caffeine-free green tea, neither of which are in the previous Novalean.

innovapharm novalean on fire

In exchange for the two new features, Novalean On Fire does no longer comes with coleus forskohlii. All of the other Novalean ingredients have remained, most of them staying at their original dosages. Some of the compounds that have had their amounts changed are Afralean grains of paradise with 40% less, GBB at 10mg lower, and a third less choline bitartrate.

While InnovaPharm has made a lot of changes on the inside of Novalean for Novalean On Fire, it has kept the price and value exactly the same. The revamped supplement is in stock now on the brand’s website at the same price of $49.95 for a tub of 25 full servings. The On Fire edition of the fat burner does come in a fresh new flavor with the sour candy recipe, Grape Headz.