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Introducing Australia’s Monsta Food and its fast-selling protein peanut butter

monsta food protein nut butter

An all-new, high-protein nut butter brand has hit the market this year, and while most of the time, we see these types of companies in the US, this one is from down under in Australia. The newcomer is Monsta Food, who hit the market with Monsta Spread about one and a half months ago and has since sold out, restocked, then sold out again, proving it’s been welcomed to the market quite well.

Monsta Food’s flagship nut butter is made with Australian peanuts and infused with premium whey isolate to give it a higher amount of protein compared to traditional peanut butter. The product has been introduced in three delicious-looking options featuring chunks of flavors throughout the spread.

The Monsta Spread flavors are Chocolate Chip Swirl with chocolate chips, Unicorn Cookie Crunch featuring colorful sprinkles, and a classic OG Peanut Butter. The macros are 9.7g of protein in a 30g serving with 13.2g of fat, 4.4g of carbohydrates, and 3g or less sugar. Those numbers are for Monsta Food’s two fun flavors, and do vary slightly for OG Peanut Butter with more protein and fat, and fewer carbs.

As mentioned, Monsta Food’s Monsta Spread has sold out twice, and is not currently in stock on its website. However, that is due to change in just a few days, as the Australian brand has announced its next restock, and it is this Saturday. You’ll be able to grab the tasty looking product at $13.95 (9.94 USD) for a 280g jar, or there is the complete collection bundle with all three flavors at $11.65 (8.30 USD) each.