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Kiwi Strawberry coming to Clean Drink’s regular and caffeine-free drinks

kiwi strawberry clean drink

The Swedish brand Clean Drink, maker of a sugar-free, caffeine powered energy drink, also infused with BCAAs, vitamins, and minerals, has introduced another flavor for its flagship product. It wasn’t all that long ago we posted about the brand and its first-ever collaboration, which turned out to be a lemon and elderberry flavor put together in partnership with the premium car manufacturer Koenigsegg.

Clean Drink’s new release this time around isn’t quite as interesting as its Koenigsegg collaboration, but exciting nonetheless, with the classic combination of kiwi and strawberry. There is actually a small twist to this launch, as the brand hasn’t just created it in one version. As well as releasing its flagship energy drink in Kiwi Strawberry, Clean Drink has dropped the flavor for its caffeine-free beverage.

Clean Drink has not only announced its Kiwi Strawberry energy drink and caffeine-free beverage, but it is also already rolling it out to stores. Online retailers are expected to already have the products in stock with physical partners getting them later this week.

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