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Legacy Barbell goes with a reliable mix of ingredients for its first supplement

legacy barbell parabellum formula

Since previewing it last month, the reputable gym in Oak Ridge North, Texas, Legacy Barbell, has gone and launched its first supplement, Parabellum. As previously confirmed, Parabellum is a stimulant powered pre-workout formulated to boost energy, focus, performance, and pumps, and now that it’s available, we can confirm exactly what’s in the product.

The formula behind Legacy Barbell’s first entry into the world of supplements, is relatively straightforward, featuring a variety of common pre-workout ingredients. Parabellum doesn’t come with a laundry list of compounds, but enough to support its promises of a comprehensive workout, especially on the energy side with a solid 400mg of caffeine per serving.

legacy barbell parabellum formula

You can see the full facts panel for Legacy Barbell’s Parabellum in the image above packing a typical 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance, and a gram each of taurine and GlycerSize glycerol for pumps. There is also 25mg of halostachine, 2mg of rauwolfia, 1mg of yohimbine, and to improve the absorption of the pre-workout, you get 25mg of premium AstraGin.

You can purchase Legacy Barbell’s recently released product through its website at $35.99 for a tub of 25 full servings. There are two flavors to choose from in Grape Remix and Kuntry Lemonade. It is also worth mentioning this won’t be the only supplement the brand launches, as it does have plans to expand into other categories.