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Gaming brand MADMONQ releases its first-ever special edition supplement

madmonq dark limited edition

The gaming brand MADMONQ from the Czech Republic has launched its first-ever special edition product with MADMONQ Dark Limited Edition. From what we can tell, it is the same supplement as the original brand-name product MADMONQ, featuring a combination of ingredients such as caffeine, bacopa, the Spectra fruits and greens blend, rhodiola, and choline to improve energy, focus, and cognition.

The main difference with the Dark Edition seems to be the awesome, alternative packaging MAGMONQ has wrapped the supplement in. The special edition product comes in a sleek and stylish, metallic-themed box, as opposed to a bottle of tablets like the regular version. As mentioned, the Dark Edition appears to have the same formula as the original, so fans can look forward to the same kind of experience.

If you head to the MADMONQ website, through there, you can now purchase the eye-catching new version of the gaming supplement, but once again, it is only going to be around for a limited time. The price of the product is €24.95 (29.44 USD) for a bottle of 28, single-tablet servings.

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