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Magic Spoon drops two limited flavors both with pieces of freeze-dried fruit

magic spoon strawberry peaches n cream

One of the better tasting protein cereal brands out there, Magic Spoon, has released two new flavors today for its flagship product, both of which are limited edition, seasonal options. The two flavors are refreshingly fruit-themed, fitting for the summer season, and they come with pieces of freezed-dried fruit in the cereal to sweeten the experience that little bit further.

Magic Spoon’s seasonal flavors are Strawberry and Peaches & Cream. They still pack that clean Magic Spoon nutrition profile with 11g of protein per serving, 11g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, 4.5g of fat, and 110 calories. As mentioned before, the macro balance is right in line with that of a typical protein bar, and better yet, the cereal tastes like the real thing.

You can pick up Magic Spoon’s Strawberry and Peaches & Cream cereals starting today, through its website, although much like its seasonal releases from last year, you can’t buy the products separately. The only way to try the limited-time flavors is by purchasing them in a bundle with two boxes of each at $39.

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