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MAN sneaks an all-new Brain Bridge Elevate into its latest rebrand preview

man sports white rebrand

Fans of MAN Sports, as well as followers of Stack3d, may have noticed over the past few months, MAN’s new releases have featured a very different look. We mentioned it in June when the past Brand Of The Year winner previewed all of its capsule supplements in the new look, although we didn’t yet know if the branding would be carried across the rest of the line.

This week, MAN Sports has revealed that will indeed be the case, with every MAN product eventually going to feature that mostly white label design with a touch of yellow to keep things familiar. The brand has also dropped a picture featuring several more supplements in the refreshed MAN Sports branding, including something new, promising, and worth getting excited about.

Tucked into MAN Sports’ latest rebrand picture is a tub of Brain Bridge, although there is something different about this one. The product previewed is actually Brain Bridge Elevate, a spin-off version of the supplement, featuring an even stronger formula. Brain Bridge is already our number one rated focus product, hence why we’re we’re so excited for Elevate.

We’re not sure when MAN Sports plans on launching its new Brain Bridge Elevate, but with a full rebrand in the works and last week’s release of Game Day Nootropic, it does already have plenty on its plate.

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