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MuscleBlaze gets into plant protein with a lean and cost-effective product

muscleblaze b green plant protein

The Indian supplement company MuscleBlaze has joined the category that started to pick up speed about one or two years ago with plant-based protein powder. The brand has introduced ‘bGreen Plant Protein’, which is indeed a vegan-friendly, plant-based protein featuring a lean nutrition profile and some features you won’t find in all of the competitors.

MuscleBlaze’s bGreen Plant Protein has launched directly through its online store and with a relatively large discount. Typically, the product would cost you ₹2,999 directly from the brand’s website, but MuscleBlaze has dropped it by 40% to celebrate its arrival. For a limited time, you can grab the supplement at a very competitive ₹1,799 (24.45 USD) for a tub of 30 servings.

The macros on MuscleBlaze’s bGreen Plant Protein are quite lean, as mentioned, with a solid 25g of protein, 1.1g of fat, 3.2g of carbohydrates with no sugar, and 121 calories. The protein comes from a blend of pea and rice protein isolate, and as for those extra features, the brand also includes green tea and a blend of enzymes to help with digestion.

MuscleBlaze has just the one flavor available for bGreen Plant Protein to start, in a classic ‘Rich Chocolate’, which has no artificial ingredients and is naturally sweetened with stevia.