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Redcon1 shares the full formula behind its first-ever gaming supplement

redcon1 war games

Redcon1’s long-awaited gaming supplement War Games is due to launch any day now after being teased a couple of months back in June. To give the product a bit more hype with its impending release, the brand has shared the formula behind War Games. As previously confirmed, the supplement aims to provide increased energy, focus, clarity, and alertness, which are, of course, perfect for gaming.

The formula Redcon1 has put together for War Games is more than enough to ensure it delivers on its promise of improved energy and mental focus. We’ve added the facts panel for the product directly below, albeit not exactly sharp, where you can see its complete combination of ingredients. It includes a gram of choline bitartrate, rhodiola, n-acetyl-tyrosine, and the powerful pair of TeaCrine and Dynamine.

redcon1 war games

Interestingly Redcon1’s War Games doesn’t have a full hit of caffeine from any of the usual sources like caffeine anhydrous or di-caffeine malate. There is some caffeine from other sources such as yerba mate and guarana, but it definitely looks like you’ll be able to throw this back without worrying about a huge hit. Alternatively, it also gives you the freedom to mix it with an energy drink if the occasion calls for it.

Once again, Redcon1 is expected to launch its first-ever gaming supplement, although not its first product for energy and focus, any day now. You’ll be able to grab it through the brand’s online store at, where it’ll likely get a competitive price to go with the majority of its lineup. The product will have 30 servings per tub and three flavors in PvPunch, RGB-Fuel, and Peach Power-Up.