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R1 Pump is making a return although it won’t be as simple as the original

rule one proteins returning r1 pump

In the next couple of days, Rule One Proteins is bringing back its stimulant-free pump supplement R1 Pump, but it is not going to be as simple as the original. When the product first hit the market three years ago, it featured a combination of 1.5g of pure citrulline, and a gram each of HydroMax glycerol and arginine AKG, all in an effort to enhance muscle pumps.

Rule One Proteins’ returning R1 Pump promises to be a potent supplement with a more extensive combination of active ingredients, so essentially more than the three ingredients the original had. The product is still going to be all about increasing and improving muscle pumps while you workout, and presumably remain stimulant-free to stack with other pre-workouts.

More information on what’s Rule One Proteins’ new and improved R1 Pump will be available in the coming days, along with the full launch and availability of the pump supplement.