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Sweat Ethic putting more than just greens into its superfood formula

sweat ethic vita greens

Sweat Ethic has dropped a couple of flavor additions this year as well as some entirely new supplements, including the fully transparent blend-style protein powder Whey’d. In the coming weeks, the brand is looking to keep the product release excitement going with yet another fresh new supplement more for the general health category with Vita Greens.

Sweat Ethic has dropped a preview of its upcoming Vita Greens this week with more information to come, but the preview does include a lot of the product’s key details. As you could probably guess by its name, Vita Greens does come with a blend of vitamins and minerals alongside fruits and greens, prebiotic fiber, and ingredients to support immune health.

Vita Greens is going to be available in flavored powder form, Berry Apple to be exact, which will be naturally flavored and sweetened with no artificial colors. As mentioned, more information is due to drop on the next Sweat Ethic supplement in the coming weeks, including a complete look at its formula, and full availability in the latter weeks of September.

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