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Unbreakable Gainz previews its promised, whey-based protein powder

unbreakable gainz protein powder

When we introduced and first posted about the still very new supplement brand Unbreakable Gainz, we mentioned that despite being a newcomer, it was already looking ahead. The company revealed it had more products planned for categories equally saturated and competitive as its first release, Unbreakable Gainz Pre-Workout, including an amino, protein powder, and creatine.

This week we’ve got the first look at one of those upcoming supplements, as just one month after launching its original pre-workout, it has previewed its protein powder ‘100% Whey Protein’. As exciting as the first look at the product is, it doesn’t confirm too many details. We know it’s whey-based, like most protein powders, has no artificial colors or flavors, and a total of 27 servings per tub.

The only other piece of information Unbreakable Gainz preview gives us is that 100% Whey Protein will have a traditional flavor when it eventually arrives with a tried and true ‘Chocolate’. The only timeframe we have on roughly when this one is due to launch is ‘soon’, although knowing how new the brand is, and how fast it can move, that ‘soon’ is probably right around the corner.