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Xplosive Ape welcomes flavor number five for its full-spectrum EAA

xplosive ape rainbow dust eaa

The UK-based clothing company Xplosive Ape who jumped into the world of supplements early last year, has expanded on one of the products it launched shortly after its debut. That product is Xplosive’s recovery formula featuring a full-spectrum of EAAs, which started with three different flavors then got its fourth ten months ago in Yummy Gummy Bear.

This week, Xplosive Ape has welcomed flavor number five for its simply named ‘Xplosive EAA‘, with another uniquely named effort in Rainbow Dust. The brand’s graphics make it look like a sweet, colorful candy type recipe. Xplosive plans on releasing it in its local UK market within the next couple of weeks, so somewhere between the end of the month and early September.

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