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Alpha Lion will also be coming out with a standalone HydroPrime product

alpha lion gains candy hydroprime

Later this month, Alpha Lion is relaunching its stimulant-free, pump enhancing pre-workout Komodo Pump with a new name and tweaked formula. The brand has decided to retitle the supplement Superhuman Pump, putting it in line with all of its other ‘Superhuman’ products, and it has updated its formula to ensure no clumping thanks to an all-new ingredient.

The ingredient responsible for Alpha Lion’s clump-free Superhuman Pump is a new and more stable version of glycerol called HydroPrime, from NNB Nutrition. The brand has now announced it will be using the exciting ingredient in Superhuman Pump as well as a standalone, Gains Candy Series capsule supplement that includes several other premium ingredient products.

By the sounds of things, Alpha Lion is launching its Gains Candy HydroPrime at the same time or at least around the same time as Superhuman Pump. As mentioned, Superhuman Pump is due to hit the market in the coming weeks, around the middle of the month, so Alpha Lion fans are certainly in for an exciting September.

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