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Alpha Lion introducing Superhuman Pump next month with all-new HydroPrime

alpha lion turning komodo pump into superhuman pump

Next month Alpha Lion is transforming the 2019 released Komodo Pump V2, into a fresh new supplement with changes to its formula, look, and name. The reputable brand is switching from ‘Komodo Pump’ to ‘Superhuman Pump’. It makes a lot of sense as Alpha Lion has turned ‘Superhuman’ into an established name over the last year or so with several ‘Superhuman’ named products now on the market.

Regarding the changes from Komodo Pump to Superhuman Pump, outside of its name, Alpha Lion is promising the same powerful pumps as the original but with an exciting change in the formula for less clumping. Regular pre-workout fans will be familiar with the common clumping issue, where your supplement’s powder simply clumps and hardens to the point where it is no longer scoopable or as easy to use.

Alpha Lion has overcome this problem for Superhuman Pump by utilizing a more stable form of glycerol — the primary cause of clumping in Komodo Pump — by utilizing an all-new ingredient. The brand’s upcoming and updated stimulant-free pre-workout is going to be the first product on the market to use HydroPrime glycerol from NNB Nutrition.
As mentioned, all of Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Pump action will go down next month, where fans will no doubt be treated to some solid introductory deals as the brand tends to do with new releases. The tweaked pump enhancing pre-workout is going to hit the market in three flavors with the blueberry mojito concoction Blue Steel, peach rings flavor Peach Pumps, and the mango strawberry sherbet recipe, Mango Veiniac.