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Glacier Grape to make it four flavors for ANS pump pre-workout Dilate

ans glacier grape dilate

With its exciting new Ritual Reborn still on the way after being previewed at the Stack3d Pro, ANS Performance has dropped details on another upcoming product, although it’s not quite as exciting as the revamped Ritual. The other item the brand has coming down the pipeline is flavor number four for its stimulant-free, pump enhancing pre-workout, which is sort of a throwback to one from its original menu.

The new addition due to be available very soon for ANS Performance’s Dilate, is Glacier Grape, presumably taking inspiration from Grape Blast, a flavor from the first version of Dilate. From what we know, there will be no change to the formula, with Glacier Grape still packing Dilate’s transparent combination of 3g of pure citrulline, gram of agmatine, 50mg of pomegranate, Vaso6, 2g of glycerol, and vitamin c.

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