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Standalone chaga and lion’s mane supplements now available from Apollos

apollos hegemony chaga lions mane

Apollos Hegemony from Poland, was on quite a roll earlier this year, introducing several new supplements in a row, the majority of which were on the basic side of things. The growing brand has returned this month with two more fairly straightforward capsule products, each powered by a popular mushroom extract, with the self-explanatory ‘Chaga’ and ‘Lion’s Mane’.

The newest Apollos Hegemony supplements essentially confirm what they’re all about right in their names. Chaga is a product with 300mg of chaga mushroom in each of its 90 capsules, and as for Lion’s Mane, it also comes with 300mg of its title ingredient and 90 capsules a bottle. Both supplements are out and available in Poland, including through the brand’s website.