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Australia’s Halo Top Pops could be getting replaced by the larger ones

bigger halo top pops for australia

Halo Top has some disappointing news for fans of its more convenient, protein ice cream on a stick, the Halo Top Pops, in Australia. The functional brand has said the product will not be in the country for much longer, confirming it is on its way out. On top of that, Halo Top has said something rather cryptic, suggesting it may not exactly be the end of the protein treat in Australia.

Those few words Halo Top has said are ‘Could this mean that bigger and better things are on the way?’. Our guess is the original Halo Top Pops are being discontinued but replaced by the larger Halo Top Pops introduced in the US earlier this year. The hint of something ‘bigger and better’ certainly points in that direction, as they are more than twice as large and come in a fresh new set of flavors.

For those unfamiliar with Halo Top’s larger ice cream sticks, you can check out our post from May that goes over all of the key differences with the product. If that is indeed what the Australian market is getting, fans are in for ice cream with 5 to 6g of protein and 90 to 110 calories, in Strawberry Swirl, Sea Salt Caramel, Brownie Batter, Dark Chocolate Caramel, and Mint Chip flavors.

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