BlenderBottle releases a set shakers for The Mandalorian with its season 2 trailer

Sep 15th, 2020
blenderbottle mandalorian shakers

The shaker company BlenderBottle is back this week with another new set of bottles, after last week’s launch of the series for the upcoming film, Wonder Woman 1984. Much like that last lot, the latest from BlenderBottle is another officially licensed line of shakers. However, this time it is not superhero-themed, but based in the Star Wars universe around the hit show, The Mandalorian.

BlenderBottle has put together four designs themed around The Mandalorian, with only half featuring its lead character. All of the shakers star the supporting, but hugely popular character, Baby Yoda, with a couple of the products paired with taglines. You can see them all in the image above, including the all green shaker with an outline of Baby Yoda that’s almost the height of the bottle.

The timing of BlenderBottle’s Mandalorian series is quite fitting, as the trailer for its second season went online today, with the show itself going live at the end of next month on Disney’s streaming platform Disney+. You can purchase any of the shaker brand’s licensed products for The Mandalorian through its website starting today, with the price on the items being $16.99 each.

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