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Chemical Warfare makes its Optimal Performance GDA available for purchase

chemical warfare deploy

The Optimal Performance Range and Essentials Range are two recently released lines of supplements from the team at Chemical Warfare, which hit the market with many products in them. The Essentials Range is a more basic, mostly single ingredient selection of supplements, while the Optimal Performance Range is a little more complex and focuses on general health and wellness.

Chemical Warfare has now made one of its previously previewed, but yet-to-release Optimal Performance Range products, available for purchase with the glucose disposal agent, Deploy. Like some others in the advanced, but gradually growing category, Chemical Warfare’s Deploy comes with a variety of ingredients to help shuttle carbohydrates into your muscles more efficiently.

chemical warfare deploy

The benefits that come from GDA’s improved carbohydrate efficiency include better muscle pumps, enhanced muscle recovery, and increased strength. You can see the full combination of compounds Chemical Warfare has brought together for Deploy in the image above with highlights such as a hefty 1.5g of berberine, banaba leaf, bitter melon, and GS4 branded gymnema.

Chemical Warfare’s Optimal Performance Range Deploy should be in all of the brand’s retailers soon if not already, although as per usual, you can go directly to Chemical Warfare and buy from its website. Through its online store, Deploy will cost you £39.99 (51.92 USD) for a full-size bottle of 30 servings.