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Latest Kaged teaser turns out to be a Cherry Bomb flavor of Pre-Kaged

cherry bomb pre-kaged

Kaged Muscle has been teasing and releasing a lot of new supplements over the past few months, with another one of those mysterious teasers coming just last week and leaving us quite excited. Based on what we saw, read, and how it was being hyped, we suspected it to be some sort of entirely new product, similar to what we had seen from the brand following its most recent teasers.

It turns out, Kaged Muscle’s latest effort is not an all-new supplement, but another flavor for one of its already established products. It is the brand’s original performance pre-workout Pre-Kaged that is getting the attention once again, which just got its sixth flavor in July. The newest option on the supplement’s menu is Cherry Bomb, which will be available from tomorrow at