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Long-awaited and promising Core Zone arrives with two discount deals

core zone intro deal

Core Nutritionals’ long-awaited energy and focus supplement Core Zone, its first real competitor for the nootropic market, has finally arrived. It comes with a well-dosed, reliable combination of ingredients, including 100mg of Neurofactor, half a gram of citicoline, a gram of tyrosine, and our preferred amount of caffeine for work, gaming, and productivity at 150mg.

There are two deals available for the launch of Core Nutritionals’ Core Zone, the first is one tub of the supplement at a discounted $39.50, with 20 full servings per tub. The second one is two tubs for that same price of $39.50 each, plus a free mini shaker to serve Core Zone. Whichever offer you go with, the one or two tub, you’ll also get a free pair of blue light protecting glasses.

Core Nutritionals’ deals on Core Zone apply to both of its flavors, Sour Candy and Arnold Plamer. They are available until the end of this week and exclusively through its online store at