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Darkside teases an all-new capsule supplement powered by Nitrosigine

darkside previews ultra pump capsule supplement

The hardcore brand Darkside recently released a new and improved version of its stimulant pre-workout Ultra Pre-Workout with Ultra Pre Xtreme. The reputable, growing, and still very new supplement company followed that up with a teaser of what appears to be a protein powder, and now this week, it’s dropped a teaser of another upcoming product.

While we still don’t know if that first mystery supplement is a protein powder, we are relatively confident at guessing the other item Darkside is teasing. Initially, it does not look like the brand reveals a lot about the product, but on closer inspection, you can see it is indeed a capsule supplement with 150 pills per bottle, and it is powered by Nitrosigine.

Nitrosigine is a premium, branded ingredient, promoted for pumps, which leads us to believe the latest Darkside teaser is for a Nitrosigine powered pump product with a reasonably large five capsule serving size. Pump pre-workout is one of the increasingly popular sub-categories of pre-workout, and an area we assumed Darkside would jump into at some point.

Basically, Darkside now has two seemingly all-new supplements on the way, the protein powder and pump product, suggesting fans of the brand are in for a strong finish to the year.

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